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Brand Is Dead

15 March 2019 12pm

10 years ago Simon Middleton wrote Build A Brand In 30 Days, as a small business guide to the principles of branding. Whilst the core principles remain true, everything else has changed. The high street is dying. Online concierge services like Amazon dominate our buying. Legacy brands are going broke all around us. Loyalty and trust has been lost. In his new book Brand Is Dead, Simon articulates his belief that brand as we know it is dead. Generation Z want more than stories. They want a future. Surviving as a branded business from here on in is not about what you say: it’s about what you do. Simon doesn’t have the answers: but the questions he’s asking are guaranteed to make you think about your business.

They’ll be plenty opportunity for networking over lunch afterwards.


More on Simon:

Simon Middleton is a brand-building specialist with thirty years’ marketing experience, an award-winning manufacturer, the creator of made-in-Britain clothing brands Shackleton and Blackshore, and author of three commercially published books on brand and marketing. He has advised high profile clients including Harris Tweed Authority, Pret A Manger, Norfolk Broads National Park, and World Vision, and he has appeared as a brand commentator on Newsnight, the Today programme, and BBC Breakfast.



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Brand Is Dead

15 March 19, 12pm-2pm

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