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Our new year speaker

What is quality and why does it matter?

31 January 2019 12pm

In the New Year, Norfolk Network sets a high standard with David Bailey, CEO, Aitrak.

David has worked for The Gap (1995-2001), Apple (2002-2011), and Samsung SmartThings (2015-2018) in a variety of global roles covering strategic planning, product development, marketing, and retail merchandising. He is the co-founder of several technology start-ups and currently serves as CEO of Aitrak, an AI-powered SAAS solution that helps retailers, brands, designers, marketers, and advertisers to optimise the visual impact of their work.

David believes passionately in “quality” as the driving-force for personal development and commercial success. In this session, David will explore what “quality” means to consumers and why it should be the lodestar for progressive business people everywhere.

More on Aitrak:

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What is quality and why does it matter?

31 January 19, 12pm-2pm

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