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Can’t get you out of my head…

It’s 7pm on an early spring evening in Norwich, and at NUA’s Ideas Factory 60 members of Norfolk Network are learning to count. Not in English – let’s hope there’s no need for that – but in Mandarin Chinese: yī, èr, sān, sì ...

Charlie Watson
Singular Publishing
NN Stories

Driven to disrupt

When Adrian Melrose tells the story of his business journey one thing becomes very clear – here is a serial tech entrepreneur, a man who can’t help but set up a new venture, and who seems driven to disrupt.

Shaun Lowthorpe
Content Connective
NN Stories

Don’t worry about everything, just swim

Tuesday night saw the Norfolk Network become immersed in the world of ocean swimmer, Tracy Clark. But this remarkable woman wasn’t really there to talk to us about how to swim The English Channel, The Catalina Channel or…

Louella Schooley
NN Stories

Disruptive business

Steffan Aquarone has built his career on disruptive business models and collaborations between large groups of people. He’s an early adopter of crowdfunding, and that’s enabled him to do some extraordinary things – including persuading an entire...

Jane Chittenden
Business Writer and Editor