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Branding: Norwich’s Secret Sauce?

Safiya Waley

Tuesday 6 October 2020

Branding changes hearts and minds. Here in Norwich we have world-famous brands, from Colmans to Aviva to Lotus to Naked Wines. Plus, brilliant agencies, and highly creative students.

So how can we use the power of branding to rekindle growth?

If you’re a brand or marketing manager, work in a marketing agency, or run your own business, join us for an unmissable webinar.

What we’ll explore

Who’s currently winning? And what can we learn from them?

What will the great brands of the decade be like?

How are big businesses building their brands? And how can smaller businesses start?

How can we make the most of the skills we already have? And attract more?

Our Panel

Claire Vincent, Aviva

Simon Middleton, Booja-Booja

Rebecca Lewis Smith, Fountain

Richard Powell, History of Advertising Trust

Robert Jones, Wolff Olins, London, and UEA

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