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Creative connections at NUA

Lucy Marks
Norfolk Network

Last night, it was our annual Networking Hour at Norwich University of the Arts. Students from across the university had the opportunity to practice their networking skills and meet locally based creative professionals. Earlier in the day, Norfolk Network ran a Networking skills session to prepare the students to approach and talk to professionals later at Networking Hour event.

There were lots of scared faces at the prospect of networking for real, but it was joy to see the transformation at the end of the night. The students were happy, inspired and excited by the valuable connections they had made.

The enthusiasm and support for the event by the professionals was brilliant. It’s equally energising for the Norfolk Network to share what we do and offer support and guidance to young people. We were all there once! We are looking forward to hearing the outcomes of the connections made last night.

A lovely moment when aspiring film producers met alumni Copper Crayon, a start up film company.

Networking is daunting for us all but it is an essential professional skill in order to progress and be successful. It’s great to see students starting early, thinking beyond university, getting the edge and planning how they will bring their skills and knowledge to the right people in order to embark on exciting careers.