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Al Gosling: all things extreme

19 November 2014 6pm

Al Gosling founder and CEO of EXTREME shared his extraordinary story of building the EXTREME brand from a TV channel to a global brand managment and licensing company, launching consumer products and experiences across drinks, fashion, electronics, hotels and video games.

In 1995 Al aged 24, started a TV company, distributing and selling Extreme Sports TV programmes around the world. After a while he realised that this massive part of youth culture had been ignored and disregarded by mainstream media and that these sports were just not getting the TV air time they deserved. From this insight he had the vision for a brand and a TV channel.  Al and his team partnered up with Europe’s largest cable company UPC/Liberty Media and on May 1st 1999 they launched The Extreme Sports Channel across Europe together. Over the following five years it became the primary medium for millions of fans to get their viewing fix 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in over 60 countries.

In 2009 Al acquired full ownership of the EXTREME brand and sold his stake in the channel division to Liberty Media, he then started to formulate his vision for the EXTREME brand beyond TV.

In 2012 he laid down his plans to create a brand management and licensing company that would continue to support the sports, the athletes and the events, which would then build the brand, engage with the fans and deliver a range of branded consumer products and experiences. He pulled together a team of like-minded entrepreneurs, marketers, misfits, designers, athletes and artists who all shared the vision and a collective experience from MTV, Monster, Innocent, Hilton, Walt Disney and Warner Bros.

Today Al and his team are rapidly driving the demand for the EXTREME brand well beyond it’s roots in TV.

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