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August MIXER

26 August 2021 5pm

Why Improvisation Should be Part of the Plan!

Perfect planning prevents poor performance. Right? We plan to remove uncertainty but are we just kidding ourselves? And are we missing opportunities? Perhaps there is a better way to approach life and work that allows us, not only to cope, but to thrive in uncertain times.

The August MIXER was be led by Clive Rounce, Windhover Management Coaching. Clive left full-time employment, set up as a coach and relocated to Norfolk. Drawing on this experience, his training as a coach and his reading about new and evolving approaches to management, he will share what he has learnt so far about adapting and thriving in an age of uncertainty.

The MIXER is a highly popular virtual networking hour. An interesting mix of people from different disciplines and levels of experience, lively discussion and learning. A supportive place to test new ideas, present work and receive instant and honest feedback. Perfect for raising your profile, building authority, developing stronger relationships and finding new contacts. We limit numbers to 12 people to keep Zoom windows a good size, so we can all talk and get to know each other!

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