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Packed Lunch: connecting with the Snapchat generation

02 March 2017 12pm

Mobile research is nothing new, and we know it has huge potential, but as researchers, we hadn’t yet found the platform that worked for us or our respondents.

But when we were approached by the developers of  Indeemo, we were so impressed with this new mobile research app, which felt as easy, familiar and engaging as the best social networking apps, we decided to try it out.

One of the most interesting and challenging groups for us as researchers are ‘millennials’ – those born around the turn of the 21st Century. Being digital natives, and often experiencing life, brands and services in a different way from previous generations, we felt they would be the perfect audience to test this new approach.

We recruited a random selection of 18-20 years olds from across UK, and during the course of a week asked them to let us into their lives via the app, sharing their thoughts and feelings, hopes and aspirations, fears and concerns: how they perceive their future and how they think this compares to the experiences of their parents’ generation.

The research revealed a huge amount, including insights into what young people are looking for from their education, from their careers and future employers, and from the brands, products and services in their lives.

Norfolk Network heard an overview of the project, a demo of Indeemo and some of our findings and the implications for brands, businesses  and education providers.


Atticus is a full service market research agency, established in 2011, and specialising in qualitative research – the smaller scale, in depth research used by organisations to better understand consumer behaviour and motivations. It’s work and clients are diverse:  from blue-chip to start-up; local, national and international; commercial and not for profit; financial services to broadcast media.

Atticus Founder and Director, Matt Dobbin has over 20 years experience in qualitative research, but still finds the work as fascinating, varied and unpredictable as when he started in the industry. Matt worked for research agencies in London and Canada before moving to Norfolk with his family and setting up Atticus.

James Davis joined Atticus in 2014 straight from City College Norwich and proved himself a natural researcher, with the passion, curiosity and interpretive skills that clients value. He manages to balance a demanding role as a researcher with part-time study for his degree.

What's Packed Lunch?

Packed Lunch is an event platform for Norfolk Network members to showcase an innovative project, share ideas and insights and start a lively discussion. It’s also a great opportunity for socialising over a buffet lunch whilst maintaining and building professional contacts.


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