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Kick Out Plastic with James Beavis and Mo Ozsoy

11 February 2021 11am

James Beavis and Mo Ozsoy, Co-founders of Squiish, are an exciting new startup.

James and Mo have a simple vision – to give people a way to kick out plastic from the personal care industry. In 2020 they worked relentlessly to develop a clean and green biodegradable packaging solution for personal care products. They now have a prototype pod made from seaweed. 

They are are both graduates of the MSc Brand Leadership at UEA and what’s impressive, is they have built a large and diverse network of academics and business professionals, who have the knowledge and expertise they need to drive their business forward. 

The event revealed:

  • where the idea came from
  • what’s behind their dynamic partnership
  • how they discovered the science behind the concept
  • building relationships and support, in particular from EIRA at UEA
  • leading a brand based on their values and doing the right thing 
  • and their next steps

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