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Designing systems to prevent mental health crisis

21 October 2021 11am

The User Story is a research-based digital product design business. The team have recently been working with psychologists from UEA and local health partnerships to research the perceptions of accessing mental health services online, and how the systems fall short.  We all know that the pandemic has been tough on many people’s mental health. But what are the real difficulties that people experience when accessing mental health services, and how should we encourage those that need help to reach out and get it?

The search identified two key factors

  1. Clinical language is alienating. Most people only know how they feel, not the clinical explanation for it. Many people couldn’t relate to the information provided to them.
  2. Finding reliable self-help information is difficult, people fear they are a burden and often don’t feel like their problem is ‘bad enough’ for professional help.

 In this webinar Tom Haczewski and Katie Fisher from The User Story explored:

– why is something that is a human experience (mental health) not designed for humans?

– why is there a separation between business/academia/local services?

–  what businesses can do to help their staff to be more aware of their mental health, and how to encourage them to engage and get help.


More about Katie and Tom

With a background in psychology, Katie has spent 4 years applying this knowledge to product design. As Senior Strategist at The User Story, she helps businesses build better products through user research and human-centred design.

Tom is a specialist in user experience design and consultation.  Over the last 15 years he’s worked with household names like Virgin, BBC, Asda, George, Arco, Econsultancy, Superga, Kingswood and RAC and helped build startups from the ground up.

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