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Taking a leap of faith with Louise Birritteri

09 October 2019 6pm

Louise Birritteri comes from a Sicilian background and a family of hard working entrepreneurs. She’s been involved in start-up from a young age and she was never afraid of starting her own business, knowing that she would make it a success. 

In 2016 she spotted a gap in the insurance market and decided to go all in and start an online company called Pikl providing specialist insurance products to big sharing communities such as Airbnb and JustPark. She’s raised £2.5 million and is about launch products globally. 

Louise shared with Norfolk Network how she took her business from initial concept through to scale-up, including bringing on board angels and private equity funding. Louise also gained backing from probably the most respected entrepreneur in the insurance market Sir Peter Wood CBE, founder of Direct Line and Bain Capital, the world-leading private equity firm.

Louise also spoke about the sharing economy and how it is disrupting and creating new markets and changing the way we live.

Louise has over 15 years of Insurance industry expertise gained in senior pricing and finance roles with Aviva, RAC, Co-op, Sainsbury’s and Gallagher.

"Three years of hard work is just about to crystallise as we launch our new products bringing a safety net to the rapidly growing sharing economy". Louise Birritteri

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