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One year gone and the road ahead with George Davis, scaleup entrepreneur

16 March 2018 12pm

Starting a business is tough.

It takes a huge amount of self belief and courage to pitch your idea and ask for investment.
It takes a huge amount of determination to take that trust and investment and turn your idea into something people want to buy.

And, let’s not forget, it takes a huge amount of grit to get you through the times when people don’t believe in you and reject your pitch. Starting a business, and keeping it running, takes more hours than exist in the day. But people do it.

And that’s precisely what George Davis, CEO of The SenLab Group has managed to do in the last year. He established his business, pitched to friends, family, multinational banks, and angel investors, and found willing and talented accomplices to help him turn his AI-driven software into a product that every business on the planet needs. That was year one. Gone, in a flash.

When everyone wants a piece of you, it can be hard to say no.

What next?

Starting a business is tough, but scaling a business – at speed – is tougher. But that’s exactly what George is doing. He closed a funding round at the end of last year – in just a few days – worth £300,000 that will catapult him and his team along the road ahead.

It isn’t really a story about the birth of a business, it’s a story about what should happen next versus what does happen next. The hurdles. The headaches. The hope. How will it grow, and what will happen to the man behind the business?

Norfolk Network member Lee Carnihan and digital specialist at Hype Marketing, interviewed George for the full story.

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