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October MIXER

October MIXER

28 October 2021 5pm

On the back of a hat-trick of industry awards at the W3 and Viddy Awards for outstanding digital excellence, video and digital production, Scott will present AnalyiSport, a game changer in sport education. He’ll share the experiences of the last year working with a team of experts and professionals from around the world and taking the profile of Real Projects to an international level.

What’s a MIXER?

Designed for members only the virtual MIXER is a highly popular event that brings people together regularly to build deeper business relationships.

It’s a supportive environment to test new ideas, present work and receive instant and honest feedback. Perfect for raising your profile, building authority, developing stronger relationships and finding new contacts. We limit numbers to 12 people to keep Zoom windows a good size, so we can all talk and get to know each other!

This is a member only event. Book by emailing

If you’re not a member and would like to find out the business value of being part of the Norfolk Network, then please email and we’ll arrange a 30 mins virtual call.

“the opportunity to lead a MIXER was invaluable in gaining insight from a trusted network of forward thinking professionals- getting the right people in the room relies on NN’s extensive and established network and contacts." Mary-Jo Hill, Founder Yakbit.

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