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Perfecting Powerful ‘Prompts’: Using AI in your work

19 April 2023 5:30pm

This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn how to use ‘generative’ AI in their day-to-day lives in a more effective way; for example, producing better written copy, writing faster and more reliable code, learning and researching more quickly.

You don’t need any programming or technical skills to come along.

We will introduce the concept of prompt engineering for those unfamiliar with it, along with some resources to learn more. Then we will experiment with prompts to see what useful output we can get using ‘ChatGPT’, the free-to-use, open-access, general purpose, conversational AI. We can also look at the AI image generator ‘Midjourney’, if people are interested on the day.

Who is it for?

Perhaps you are a professional who would like to learn how to use open-access AI to help your business? Perhaps you know nothing about AI so far, but are curious about how it all works? Perhaps you already use AI in your work, but would like to find out how others have been using it, and share tips and tricks?

What to bring?

A laptop so you can join in with us, and a real-world business problem you might like to use AI to solve (if you want).

The workshop will be led by Alex Hort-Francis.

Alex studied Cyber Security at UEA, Games Art & Design at NUA and has just finished a bootcamp in full-stack web development. He’s currently using AI for programming and learning new technologies.

At this workshop he aims to share the knowledge and techniques he’s learned so far, and put open-access AI to the challenge to help Norwich!

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