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Public Speaking – Fear to Performance

01 March 2023 5:30pm

Do you run a business or play a key role in promoting one, but feel that you’re being held back by your fear of public speaking? This event could be a great way to kickstart 2023.

Many people deal with fear around speaking in public, usually rooted in imposter syndrome or the idea that others will be judging or mocking you. Our event is geared towards conquering those worries and learning the right techniques to boost your confidence and speaking skills even further.

You will gain actionable tips to get you well on your way to speaking publicly, and if you feel ready, there will be opportunities to put yourself out there and take on one of the speaking opportunities that Norfolk Network offers.

The event is hosted by people who have been in your shoes, who want to teach you to overcome the anxiety and let your voice be heard in a safe and supportive space.

Our hosts are Murray Dare, Lucy Marks and Giancarlo Erra.

Murray runs his own marketing business, ConnectedCheetah, which means that his bread and butter is speaking to other people. He has to speak publicly, conduct sales calls and manage teams on a daily basis. He also loves to help others learn to do the same as President of his local Toastmasters public speaking and leadership organisation.

Lucy is the Managing Director of Norfolk Network a business networking community. She’s passionate about putting creativity and performance into business events and has worked with thousands of business speakers over the last 18 years. Lucy trained as a classical flautist and soloist at University and enjoys transferring these performance skills to public speaking, hosting events, interviewing, moderating panel discussions and leading workshops.

Giancarlo splits his time between being a professional touring musician, an IT engineer and a founder and CEO of a new internet startup. With almost 20 years of experience in the music business he is signed to a major indie label with worldwide-selling albums. In November 2022 he pitched and showcased his new startup at Web Summit 2022, the world’s largest tech conference. A shy and introverted teenager who found his way out in creativity and people.

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