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Redesigning The Way We Work

02 July 2020 11am

As businesses are preparing to return to work, what will work look like? Are we in a rush to return to the workplace? What are the things we have learnt from the biggest experiment in WFH that can help us to redesign the way we work?

These were some of the questions discussed by our guest panelists:

Rachel Sheppard, Director of Operations at Foolproof

Lizzie Benton, Founder of Liberty Mind UK

Dr Helen Fitzhugh, Senior Research Associate at Norwich Business School, UEA

More on our panelists

For over six years Rachel has headed up operations at Foolproof. She is currently managing the return-to-office plans for their Norwich, London and Singapore offices. She has considerable experience of working in small to medium sized tech and digital consultancies to build processes and put supporting services in place to enable teams and companies to scale. At Foolproof she works with all areas of the business to solve problems that have an impact on both the wider company and individuals.

Lizzie is the Founder of Liberty Mind UK. She is a people culture specialist who supports organisations in developing a unique company culture and building engaged teams. Lizzie has been recognised as one of the top 30 millennials changing the world of work and has been featured in the Metro, Huffington Post, Forbes and the Financial Times.

Helen is a social researcher whose work focusses on how organisations create positive change for people and society. She has designed and led studies across a broad range of settings – including commercial businesses, charities, social enterprises and the public sector. She has a passion for research communication – turning the findings of high quality academic research into meaningful resources for business and public sector practitioners to use in practice.

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