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Infographics meet big bang theory

Peter Moore Fuller
Made Agency

Infohackit is a science infographics hack event. It’s a unique opportunity for creatives to work with PhD scientists to produce amazing graphics to communicate research – all within an intense 12 hour period. After two successful years of running events in Norwich, Infohackit was the subject of a collaborative innovation bid to the Natural Environment Research Council to run a series of events across the UK.

We’re taking the infohackit format to Birmingham, Manchester, Southampton and Plymouth for the first time, as well as the third annual Norwich event. Each event will cover a number of university partners, and we’re hoping for participation from over 20 institutions. We’re recruiting a project intern to help us set up the tour over the next few months.

The winners of Infohackit 2016 created a superb animation on the effects of over-fishing.

The most important outcome of infohackit is that we bring together two communities that don’t often overlap. Researchers have a chance to think about how to communicate and to see how effective design can solve problems and help people understand complex information. For the creatives it opens their eyes to how truly useful design can be and to really push the limits of creating and then delivering a brief. This all adds up to better research communications, and the better we communicate research, the more impactful it can be. This year, we’ll be engaging more with some of the intended audiences of the infographics and asking them to give live feedback at the events.

We will be looking for creatives and design students to join us for a unique experience. Previous science communications experience is not required – that’s all part of the fun. Participants get the chance to work on a collaborative brief, with a team they’ve never met before and create incredible infographics.

Attending Infohackit can be a chance for creative businesses to understand the research community better, find new opportunities for collaboration or just to take a day out of the studio to do something different.