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New East Anglian tech startup is in the business of saving lives

Callum Coombes

Safepoint saves lives.

Imagine you’re an engineer, an estate agent, a social care worker, or even a farmer. Something goes wrong, you get attacked by a client, or trapped under machinery.

  • Who knows you’re in trouble?
  • Who knows where you are?
  • Who’s coming to help?

The alarming fact is for the majority of businesses the answer is nobody. Safepoint is a new web and mobile software platform that solves this problem, allowing businesses to ensure the safety of their employees, whilst easily staying compliant with today’s health and safety regulations.

Where did Safepoint come from?

Safepoint was born in November 2017 at esteemed Norwich hackathon Sync the City after winning first prize. We were inspired by the heart-breaking story of Robert Geach – an engineer at a water treatment plant who died whilst servicing a filtration system. Geach sadly slipped and knocked himself unconscious before drowning in a shallow pool of water. It was over four hours before his colleagues had even realised he was missing. Had Robert been found sooner, he could still be alive today. There are millions of lone workers like Robert in the UK that are at risk of violence, ill-health and accidents as a result of working alone.

How does Safepoint work?

Our team decided to harness the power of the cloud and modern mobile technology to create a product that could save the lives of lone workers like Robert. What’s more, our technology makes it easier than ever for employers to stay compliant with government regulations and to protect their lone working employees.

Safepoint is built on two pillars: a mobile application available on both Android and iOS devices; and a web portal that can be accessed through any modern web browser. Lone workers use the mobile app to log tasks, signal for help in emergencies and share their safety information, such as their GPS location. The web portal can then be used to monitor lone workers, respond to emergencies and make informed safety decisions with real-time data.

“It’s been an incredibly challenging but rewarding journey up to this point."

The journey so far

Callum Coombes, CEO of Safepoint explains:

“It’s been an incredibly challenging but rewarding journey up to this point. We’ve come a long way since the first prototype was developed at Sync the City in 2017. I remember we stayed up until around 3am each day during the 54-hour competition to throw together the simplest MVP we could! Since then we have rebuilt the platform twice over, once to build a fully-functioning first version, and then again to create a truly scalable and reliable product.

It’s not been an easy journey to launch. We’ve worked part-time, almost every evening and weekend, and self-funded the business up until April this year! However, in Spring this year the University of East Anglia invested in Safepoint to help us scale, which has allowed part of the team to go full-time and for us to really invest in the growth of the platform.

Launching Safepoint has been amazing. We’ve finally been able to give the platform to a number of businesses that have been providing some brilliant feedback. A couple of these businesses, MIGSOLV and ECS Power 1 and Control2, actually contacted us back in 2017 and have stuck with us since then! We are also onboarding further businesses as we grow, from industries ranging from accountants to social care workers.

It’s exciting times for us here at Safepoint, as we reach out to more businesses that we can help. We’ve even put together a number of free resources to help employers stay informed and compliant, such as our policy generator, informational articles, and lone working whitepaper.”

For further information contact:

Callum Coombes, CEO

Telephone: 07772987812


Address: The Enterprise Centre, University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, NR4 7TJ