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Norfolk Network launches Spacewalk

Lucy Marks
Norfolk Network

Norfolk Network has been active throughout COVID with a series of initiatives to support the local business community. Last month it launched ‘Walk and Talk’, socially distanced walks for members to talk ideas, boost their wellbeing and have a break from Zoom calls.

Today, Norfolk Network announced the launch of Spacewalk to its members and the wider Norfolk business community. Spacewalk is a new talent sharing platform to enable local businesses to bring in or loan out talent according to their business needs. Employees enjoy secondments to other local organisations.

Lucy Marks, Norfolk Network’s Managing Director, commented, “Talent sharing can provide enormous benefits to individuals to further their career development and for organisations to flexibly adjust their staffing levels according to their needs. This can also bring significant financial savings to organisations either loaning out or bringing in personnel while helping to provide job security to employees”.

“I had been considering offering Spacewalk exclusively to Norfolk Network members, but with the unprecedented challenges COVID now presents to the wider community we’re extending this to all Norfolk businesses”, Lucy continued.

Spacewalk is free for individuals and companies to register and join. Upon registering, individuals will be matched to secondment opportunities according to their skills and preferences, including flexible and remote working opportunities. The platform is totally free for companies looking to bring in talent, including no recruitment fees or role posting fees.

Lance Stewart, co-founder of Spacewalk said, “I am delighted to be collaborating with Norfolk Network to offer Spacewalk across Norfolk. Until recently I worked for Norwich-based start-up Axon Vibe and enjoyed many trips there. I’m very impressed by its local tech community, such as Sync Norwich. This is an exciting initiative with Norfolk Network for the benefit of the wider Norfolk community”.

James Tarling, Norfolk Network’s Chairman said, “We really want everyone to rally behind this and invite as many Norfolk businesses to join. We are entering a period of uncertainty and this initiative could help local companies outmanoeuvre the challenges ahead. The more companies that post secondment opportunities to the network, the more that employees, businesses and the wider Norfolk economy stand to benefit”.

Lucy added, “People across businesses large and small throughout Norfolk have amazing transferable skills that can be applied in many different environments. We encourage any Norfolk business looking to bring staff in for 1-12 months to use this platform”.

Businesses and individuals can sign up now to Spacewalk for free and start being connected to opportunities. To access opportunities in Norfolk simply go to register here