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“Plans coming together for a September “We can” launch

Claire Cullens

The ‘We can’ steering team met today at St George’s Works to finalise details of the pilot female mentoring scheme, planned for launch in September.

6 months ago, aware of research in the EDP that revealed the lack of board roles for women in Norfolk, a group of senior women across a range of businesses, met to see how they could help aspiring females within the region progress their careers.  Determined to do something tangible and not to just talk about the barriers that stand in the way, they formed ‘We can’.

The team decided they could have the most impact if they pooled the skills and experiences they have amassed during their careers to offer young females access to an unparalleled mentoring opportunity. A pilot scheme is due to launch in September and will be available for 2 mentees to participate from November. Longer term plans include offering support for women returning to work following a career break.

Details of the pilot mentoring scheme will be made available at the next Norfolk Network event on 28th September, 12-2pm at St Georges’ Works.