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Lindsey Mack completes Executive MBA on a Norfolk Network Scholarship

Lindsey Mack

Lindsey Mack, Director at CloudQast, has just completed his Executive MBA on a Norfolk Network scholarship at Norwich Business School. Read more about Lindsey’s reflections on the course and how it has changed the way he thinks about his future.

I was brought up on a Farm, only a few miles from the UEA and we had a herd of cows (in fact, the Farm and the cows are still there). I’ve witnessed the magical process of a calf being born many times now, and seen the cows, having gone through the immense pain of birth, glance around at the calf after it’s all over with a look as if to say ‘what the hell was THAT!’ This shock to the cow’s system is important to help her bond with the calf properly, essential for its survival. Having recently completed my Executive MBA, I think I understand what all those cows were thinking now.

The rewards, not only of being able to study under the variety of different academic staff, all experts in their field, but to be able to share this journey with a great bunch of peers and learn so much from them too, were immense.

So ‘what was that?’ ‘That’ was one of the most difficult, interesting, rewarding, agonising and liberating experiences of my life. My Exec MBA started in January 2015 and for the next two and a quarter years, I have had an essay, a project, an exam or all three at the same time to worry about. And this is part of the journey. The work is of course at a Master’s level and this requires a lot of effort, concentration and home study. But the rewards, not only of being able to study under the variety of different academic staff, all experts in their field, but to be able to share this journey with a great bunch of peers and learn so much from them too, were immense.

We covered so much material that I’m staggered when I see the pile of books we have studied and the multiple ring binders I have filled with notes. And we also learned where and how to access new information quickly and efficiently, so important in this fast-paced world and a very empowering skill.

As part of the course, we undertook two Management Consultancy projects, for my part one for IBM in Prague and one for KODAKIT, a branch of Kodak and based in Singapore. They were very tough projects for a variety of reasons, but working with real clients and real situations whilst under supervision was a hugely valuable experience and I’ve no doubt we developed considerably as consultants and indeed human beings.

The course was massive and I feel that I have really achieved something, not just because I managed to get though it and acquired a lot of knowledge but because it has changed the way I think, and helped greatly in how I feel about what I’m capable of and the new challenges I could set myself going forward.

So thank you to the academic staff at the Norwich Business School and to my peers on the course for just over two amazing and unforgettable years.

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